“I have worked with Anne in my role as adoption support social worker for the past 6 years. From my personal perspective I have always found Anne to be highly competent and knowledgeable in this specialist area. Anne has the theoretical expertise and perhaps more importantly, the ability to use this knowledge practically and to communicate this to others in a meaningful way. She is able to advise and support parents with regards to the implementation of strategies which can be used on a day to day basis. Anne has provided adoptive parents with one to one support, she has facilitated an effective parenting programme and she has provided therapy directly to children. I have observed the support provided by Anne to have had a real and actual positive effect, improving the lives of adoptive families.
Anne has the ability to build and develop rapport with children, parents and other professionals. She relates easily to other people and has an approachable and personable demeanour. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Anne.”

Emma Weaver
Adoption Support Senior Practitioner

We were lucky to have met Anne two years ago when we were sent on a parenting course, delivered by Anne. The course focussed on attachment difficulties. Up until then no one had really told us that this was the root of our son’s problems. Yes, when we went on the adoption training, attachment had been mentioned,. But to be honest, we had 4 birth children, we could cope with anything, our children were fine, and we were fantastic parents.

Our son showed us that his needs were very different to our birth children. He tried to control us, his siblings, his teachers and his peers. He exhibited very challenging and difficult behaviours. These behaviours also became very difficult for his teachers to cope with in school. He was a very anxious little boy that could only cope by trying to control everything that surrounded him in this way. We fought the authorities to fund us to be able to have Theraplay® from Anne. This was a wonderful experience. Our son blossomed and we grew closer from the experience. We have 5 sessions left with Anne; our son has gained confidence and learned to connect with us his Mum and his Dad. Helping him to move forward and be able to trust us as his parents. Without the Theraplay® and parenting advice from Anne and the on-going support she gives us we really don’t know what would have become of us as a family. As I write this I know we probably would not have made it and our son would have, God forbid, ended up back in the care system.
Now the future looks positive, even rosy. We love our son and with the help we have received from Anne. We know we can do this and have all the skills we need to help us on our journey. Anne is a truly special and gifted person. Through her vast experience and knowledge of adoption she is able to help others through the sometimes difficult journeys on which we embark as adoptive parents.

Janet and Steve

Adopting our children was the happiest day of our lives and although we knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park we just hadn’t anticipated the difficulties of parenting a child with attachment issues, although at the time we really had no idea that attachment issues existed.
After four years of what I can only describe as overwhelming fear for what might be and never knowing what the next day might bring we were finally introduced to Anne, attended the attachment parenting course she was facilitating and later Theraplay® with Anne.
‘No’ there was no overnight remedy but finally someone who knew what our thoughts and fears were. Feeling a total failure I needed answers and finally this is where our life started to change. Anne has worked with us as a family and we have all made fantastic progress. We have learnt how to deal with the everyday situations in life that our children are unable to such as school, friends, behaviour, lies, stealing, night terrors and many more.
Anne does give an impeccable service and fantastic presentations but she is far more than this. Our lives really have transformed because of Anne and we can never thank her enough for this. You have never doubted our ability as parents and have always been available to us 24/7.
To say we are surprised to be where we are today would be an understatement.
We are proud of our family and what Anne has helped us to achieve.

Joanne and Jason

Thank you so very much.

Anne advised and taught the use of Theraplay® techniques to assist in improving the bond between us and our children and manage behaviour. More than we could have hoped for it was the help and support we were desperate for when other services were unable to offer anything.
Empathic approach. Obviously very knowledgeable and willing to share information and advice. Individualised plan which was flexible to meet our Family’s needs. Incredibly supportive and helpful.

It has made all the difference. Contacts feel like coming home as far as being understood. It has turned our situation from negative to a positive spiral which continues to improve. Not sure we could have stayed a family without this help.
Thank you for all you have done. Words simply don’t justify the gratitude we feel.

Helen and Neil