What is Mediation?

The intervention in a dispute to bring about an agreement or reconciliation
…Concise Oxford Dictionary

     Mediation works to the following principles:

    • Mediators are neutral - rather than representing the interests of one party they are there to
       help both parties reach a mutually agreed settlement.
    • The mediation process gives both parties the opportunity to be fully heard, and to hear what 
       the other side of the story is.
    • Mediators do not pass judgement or impose solutions - the parties to a dispute are
       encouraged to voluntarily take responsibility for finding a practical solution to their o
       problems, although mediators will assist in exploring whether all the issues have been
       covered and whether an agreement is liable to hold.
    • The dispute is not aired in public - mediation is a private process involving only the
       mediators and the parties to the dispute, and mediators act under a code of confidentiality.
    • An important part of the mediator’s job is to identify and help resolve the underlying cause of  
       a conflict as well as the symptoms - this means that any agreements reached are more likely  
       to lead to long-term solutions.