Founded by:
Anne Bone: BA (Hons) Dip SW Dip Couns.
Independent & Family Services Professional

Counselling and Supervision:
This is an independent and confidential counselling and supervision service, which works within BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Experienced in working with a large range of issues and a diverse client base.


Consultation advice and support for parents who are struggling to understand their child’s difficult behaviours.


Between 16 - 24 half hour to forty minute sessions once a week, with several
follow up sessions during the year using the Theraplay model (includes MIM Assessment)
Working closely with the parents the therapist uses attachment building techniques which help to provide corrective attachment experiences.
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What is a MIM Assessment

The Marschak Interaction Method Assessment (MIM) is a structured observation technique, and is used to evaluate the relationship between a child and his significant caregivers and to assist in planning attachment treatment. The assessor observes from behind a one-way mirror while the participants interact with each other. It is used to identify areas of strength and of difficulty and assists in making recommendations for treatment.

Training: One day and Half day
Is primarily for professionals working with children where the plan is a permanent alternative family i.e. adoption, long term fostering. It should assist workers in supporting such families in the parenting of their children.

Four Day Training
The Four day training programme is an intervention for adoptive parents and foster parents either in crisis or where it is early on in the child or children’s placement and they would like to be given information and techniques that will enable them to build more positive attachments with their children and be helped to modify any negative behaviour.


The intervention in a dispute to bring about an agreement or reconciliation …….Concise Oxford Dictionary